BEE Trax Update – Data Gathering Sheet v1.22

Please note that we have published an update to the Data Gathering Sheet (v1.22) with the following changes:

  • Supplier Ownership percentage:

As per the recent changes in BEE Trax to accommodate the supplier ownership percentage, we’ve likewise included the additional fields in the Data Gathering Sheet.  Please note that we’ve preserved the original check fields as well, for those supplier who do not have the ownership percentage details specified e.g. some EME certificates/ affidavits do not include ownership percentage.  The prompt above the column header therefore indicates to use the dropdown provided or alternatively input the ownership percentage (you do not have to complete both).

Note : The percentage input takes precedence on importing into BEE Trax e.g. if a user happens to inputs both “yes” and a percentage lower than 51%, BEE Trax will not import the >=51% tick.

  • Supplier validation preserved on export to new Data Gathering Sheet

We’ve included the certificate icon in Column A when data is exported to a Data Gathering Sheet.  On re-import back into BEE Trax, the certificate validation will therefore be preserved.

Please note that the latest version of the Data Gathering Sheet is automatically linked to BEE Trax.  You can generate a blank Data Gathering Sheet through the “Scorecard Documents> Data Gathering Sheet” menu item as follows:

Please log in again to ensure you are using the latest version of BEE Trax.   As always, please let us know if you experience any issues with this latest update.

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