Version 3.8 Update

  1. EAP Region Selector

The selection for EAP Region was prevously linked to the Measured Entity’s physical location, as defined in the Company user form (see Edit Company).  This selection however becomes a challenge in the case where the majority of the company’s workforce resides in another region, other than the Company Region.  We have therefore split the EAP Region from the physical Region, and moved the selector to the Finance Tab.   The selector has been further improved to show which CEE Report the EAP figures have been derived from.


On loading your scorecard you will note that both the EAP Region and CEE Report year have default values as follows:

  • The EAP Region will default to the Region defined in the Company user form, and if not yet set will default to “National”.  On changing the EAP region, the system will highlight if different from the Company Region set.
  • The CEE Report will default to the year which corresponds to the measurement period.  If this is not yet available, then it will default to the latest CEE Report year available in the system.  On changing the CEE Report year, the system will highlight if any newer stats are available which are applicable to the measurement period.


   2. Absorbed Learners – Eligible for Absorption field

 We have received quite a few queries regarding the application of the absorption calculation, and how to make the correct selections in BEE Trax.  We have therefore improved the ease of use of this indicator by creating a new column to show which of the unemployed learners are “Eligible” for absorption, and also improved the control the user has to make/ or change their selection based on their specific cases.


Default – Shaded/Grey Tick

You will note that BEE Trax will automatically default the eligibility status in the following circumstances:

  • The Unemployed Learner field is ticked, and the Learnership Date is within the measurement period, with no End Date input
  • The Unemployed Learner field is ticked, and the Learnership End Date is within or before the measurement period
  • The Absorbed Learner field is ticked

All learners fitting into one of these criteria are counted as eligible for absorption, without the user needing to tick the Eligible field.  If however there are other reasons for which you feel a specific learner should be considered for absorption, the user may tick the Eligible field. In this case the tick shown will not be shaded.

Furthermore, there may be reasons for which a learner should not be considered eligible for absorption e.g. absconded.  In this case the Eligible field should be selected to display a “cross”, which will exclude the learner from the absorption calculation altogether.  The count of learners eligible for absorption and learners absorbed is also shown in the column header for clarity.


  1. Overviews – Demographic Details in EE, SD

The overviews for Employment Equity and Skills Development have now been adjusted to display the Demographic splits for Revised Codes scorecards:


  1. MAC Sector – RMC Conditions/ Split

We have made an adjustment to how the points for Responsible Social Marketing points are split, as defined in section 20 of the code.  When completing the Socio-Economic development section, please note the new conditions which have to be selected for points to be awarded:


The points are then capped according to these conditions, 3 and 2 points respectively.  This adjustment (if applicable) will be reflected on the final scorecard as follows:


  1. Revised ICT Sector

The revised ICT sector has now been updated in accordance with the final gazette.  The main changes noted are:

  • Exercisable Voting Rights in the Enterprise in the hands of black people – the requirement for (+1 Vote) has been removed and the target will therefore not be adjusted in line with the Number of Issued Shares recorded under the Ownership element. This differs to all other sector charters.
  • Procurement Recognition Levels on the scorecard – weightings have increased from the Draft as per below:


  • Socio-Economic Development – changed from “2/3 contributions” to “All” contributions required to be sector specific initiatives.
  1. Empowering Supplier Status

 BEE Trax has been adjusted to automatically award the Empowering Supplier Status, in accordance with Dti Notice 708 of 2016.  This will be displayed on the Empowering Supplier section in the Finance tab, irrespective of any selections made.


  1.  Minor Change – Applied Spend for Preferential Procurement

 The applied spend for Preferential Procurement will now display a zero value, if the expiry date is not within or after the measurement period.   Previously this was not the case, even though it was excluded from the calculations.  This will therefore give improved visibility as to which contributions are being counted in the Procurement Calculations.


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