Version 3.1 Update

  1. Flexible Responsible Person Field on Home Tab
    The Home screen currently displays the person responsible for the specific stage of the scorecard.  We have now extended this field to allow searches on assigned VA, VM or TS.  To use this new search function, click on the column header and make your selection from the dropdown menu. Then simply add the person’s name to the search row (row 11) and press enter.


    2.  Procurement Certificate Search

    You can now search your existing procurement database for suppliers previously saved (across your other scorecards), and add these to your current scorecard.  To use this function, just enter your search into the supplier search box and press enter (or click the magnifying glass icon).


    This will populate a user form with all the supplier name’s which include this search term, and will give all details including the certificate expiry dates.  As this functionality is brand new, there will most likely be some duplicates of the same supplier which were added to scorecards using slightly different names.  Once you have found the supplier you wish to add, simply double click on your selection (or press insert), and the supplier details will be copied to a new line on the procurement tab.


    If you are wanting to search an existing supplier that’s already on your procurement tab list (e.g. to possibly check expiry date and/or info previously added), simply right-click on the supplier name and select “Search Selected” from the popup menu.  This will automatically search your procurement database for that supplier and return the result to the user form.  As you are now searching an existing line item from your tab, selecting the supplier from the user form will therefore overwrite that line items details accordingly.


    We have had many enquiries around implementing a procurement database search, and are keen to extend this functionality further to possibly include a broader database search.  One of the recommendations is to also include a linked certificate for reference, however getting this right will include active participation from the broader BEE Trax community.  We are keen to get your feedback on this, and also your recommendations/ views for improvement.

    3.  Change End Date  (Management rights only)

    The extended process menu for “management” users currently allows for the due date of a stage to be changed.  This functionality has now been extended to the scorecard end date as well.   To access this option, right-click on the next step and select “Change End Date” at the end of the process menu .

    Please note that the final step of the scorecard process already requests the user to set the end date as current date (i.e. as it move into complete status) … this hasn’t changed.

    1. Delete Scorecard (Management rights only)

    Management users now have the flexibility to delete selected scorecards.  Please use this function with caution as deletions cannot be undone through the BEE Trax module.  If you do make a mistake using the delete function, please call us to assist as we can retrieve your data from a previous backup if the scorecard existed the previous day.

    1. Finance Import – Data Gathering Sheet v1.13

    We have made further improvements to the data gathering sheet, and extended the data input to include Financial information.  Once you receive the completed data sheet from your client, load the scorecard and right-click anywhere on the Finance tab, and select “Import Data” from the popup menu.  This will import all the finance elements directly to your database.

    1. Improved Event Data Logging

    To ensure your data integrity is well preserved, we have made some further improvements to the event data log in the background.  This will now log more events providing an extended traceability on each scorecard.  If you have any queries on data input on any scorecard, please give us a call to review the data log.  This should clearly identify when data was changed and by who.

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