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BEE Trax Update – Data Gathering Sheet v1.22

Please note that we have published an update to the Data Gathering Sheet (v1.22) with the following changes: Supplier Ownership percentage: As per the recent changes in BEE Trax to accommodate the supplier ownership percentage, we’ve likewise included the additional

Version 3.8 Update

EAP Region Selector The selection for EAP Region was prevously linked to the Measured Entity’s physical location, as defined in the Company user form (see Edit Company).  This selection however becomes a challenge in the case where the majority of

Version 3.7 Update

Improvement to Industry Norm selector BEE Trax was previously programmed to only display the latest industry norm available (applicable to the measurement period) in the dropdown selector.  This has lead to some confusion when loading the scorecard at a later

Version 3.6 Update

Shared Certificate Database A.  Searching/ Adding to Procurement Table: Last year we introduced the procurement certificate search functionality in the v3.1 update, which allowed users to search for suppliers previously used within their local database.  We have now extended this

Version 3.5 Update

Update to Revised Codes Scorecard EAP calculation for Management Control and Skills Development We are pleased to advise you that our calculations for applying EAP targets in MC and SD are correct, as stipulated in the latest Dti publication. A

Version 3.4 Update

Update to Revised Codes Scorecard Designated Group Supplier Status: We have now included this status indicator on the summary table of the revised scorecard, which is calculated through the input of designated groups on the Ownership tab. Empowering Supplier Status:

Version 3.3 Update

Status Bar: Information on loaded Scorecard On loading a scorecard the Scorecard No, Points/ BEE Level and Sector will now be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen, below the sheet tabs.  This information will enable

Version 3.2 Update

New “Scorecard Actions” Menu With the inclusion of even more scorecard functionality in v3.2, the LHS “Actions” menu was starting to get really busy.  We have therefore improved this menu selection by moving all the special scorecard features to a

Version 3.1 Update

Flexible Responsible Person Field on Home Tab The Home screen currently displays the person responsible for the specific stage of the scorecard.  We have now extended this field to allow searches on assigned VA, VM or TS.  To use this

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