Version 3.2 Update

  1. New “Scorecard Actions” Menu

With the inclusion of even more scorecard functionality in v3.2, the LHS “Actions” menu was starting to get really busy.  We have therefore improved this menu selection by moving all the special scorecard features to a new Sub-Menu called “Scorecard Actions”.  You will notice there are a few new items on this list, which are detailed below …


2. Merging/ Consolidating multiple scorecards

The merge functionality was introduced in v3.0 update, however this only provided the functionality to merge 2 selected scorecards at once.  We have now made further improvements to the scorecard merge to allow multiple scorecards to be merged simultaneously.  To use this new function right-click on the scorecard “to” which you would like to merge data, and select “Merge Scorecard” from the Scorecard Actions menu.  The new merge user form will now appear:


Note – this user form can “float” over the Home page, allowing you to still filter the home page further while it’s displayed.

Enter the scorecard numbers onto the user form, either by:

  • Typing them in one by one, ensuring to press “enter” on your keyboard after each entry as this will automatically bring through the scorecard name;  OR
  • Filtering the Home page list to show the required scorecards, and then selecting them.  The scorecards selected will be populated onto the list.


Once you have entered the scorecard list, select whether you want to overwrite or append to the existing data in the consolidated scorecard you are about to merge to, and click “Next” to complete the merge.  Be sure to re-load the consolidated scorecard after the merge to reflect the new data.

  1. Training course drop-down

The training courses entered into the Skills Development sheet will now appear on a drop-down list for selection.  If you enter in a new course name that is not on the list, the new Training Program user form will appear as normal for capturing the new course.  This new course will also appear on the drop-down list for ease of selection.


  1. Export to Data Gathering Sheet 

BEE Trax now allows you to export your data back to the Data Gathering Sheet (for data submission, or just for your own record).  To use this functionality, right-click the selected scorecard from the Home page and select “Export to Data Gathering” from the new Scorecard Actions menu.  Once complete you will be prompted to save the Data Gathering sheet to your selected file location.


5. Import from Data Gathering Sheet (all elements together)

The import function has now been extended to allow the entire Data Gathering Sheet to be imported at once from the Home page.  To use this new functionality, right-click the selected scorecard to which you would like to import the data and select “Import from Data Gathering” on the new Scorecard Actions menu.  Follow the user prompts during the importation process (e.g. option to import Senior Top from EE to the MC element, if you wish).  Once the import is complete, the scorecard will automatically load.


6. Data Gathering Sheet v1.14 (minor changes)

There have been a few more minor changes made to the Data Gathering Sheet to accommodate the new export functionality.  The TMPS list has also been made larger with Inclusions and Exclusions listed for you clients to consider when making their input.  On the Employment Equity tab, “Unskilled” and “Semi-Skilled” have now been added to the Occupational levels drop down. Please note that although these new levels can be selected they will still import as “Other” to BEE Trax for calculation purposes.

  1. Scorecard Filtering by Sector & Region

The flexible end column on the Home Page has been extended to include Sector and Region, so you can now filter your scorecards by these new parameters.


8. Data Validation on Turnover Thresholds

We have now included a scorecard validation check for the turnover against the threshold limits for specific sectors and types (EME/ QSE/ GEN),  If the turnover inputted is outside the specified ranges, a warning note will appear as shown below.


Note:  This warning note does not prevent you from continuing to save the turnover inputted.

9.  Resource Check for Audit Visits bookings

An additional validation check has been included when setting pre-assessment or onsite meetings, in that the system will now confirm if the allocated VA has already been booked over the specified date & times.  A warning note will appear if a resource conflict exists.


Note:  This warning note does not prevent you from continuing to save the meeting details.

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