Version 2.9 Update

1.   Flexible Date Field on Home Tab

The Home screen currently displays the Application Sent date as one of the standard columns.  You can now select alternative fields to display by clicking on the "App Sent" column header, and selecting from the dropdown as shown below. 







Using the filter applied to this date column will therefore query the database on the date field selected.  To do this,  click on row 11, and make the required date selection from the calendar form by selecting the start date, holding down the mouse button and dragging to the end date.  This will apply a filter to the date column based on the date range selected.  To clear the date filter, simply click on the filter row once more, and press delete when the calendar form displays.

2.  Improved Certificate Expiry process

BEE Trax already has a built-in function to highlight scorecards which are due to expire, or have already expired.  This function has been further enhanced to make your certificate expiries easy to manage.

Using the flexible date field mentioned above, you can new filter the home screen by "Expiry Date" and apply a date filter to test which scorecards are expiring in the date range selected. All scorecards which appear RED, have either already expired or are within 2 months to expiry (for QSE/GEN) or 1 month to expiry (EME's). 

By simply sending out your renewal email, or starting a new scorecard the system will recognise that you have actioned the renewal and the scorecard will appear again in black i.e. active company.

We recognise that there may be times where you don't want to re-engage with a client and therefore do not want their scorecard to permanently be highlighted for renewal.  We have therefore provided an additional  status selection to manage this.  Simply right-click on the status field for the highlight scorecard and select "Mark as Inactive".  This will change the status of the scorecard to "Inactive" and remove the renewal highlighting.





3. Inclusion of Foreign in Management Control

The financial sector includes the exclusion of up to 20% foreign board members from the management control headcount.  We have therefore included a new field to tick these members as foreign, and the calculation will automatically apply the up to 20% exclusion rule.  For all other sectors, any members marked as foreign will be counted as "Non-SA" and will be included in the total headcount as normal.

4. Hidden Salary column on Employment Equity

We appreciate that there are many occasions whereby BEE Trax is reviewed directly with your client.  As these meetings may involve some people who should not have access to employee salary information, we have provided a facility for you to hide the salary column from view.  Simply click on the arrow button in the header as shown below.





5.  Provincial EAP targets for Revised Codes

The revised codes allow for either national or provincial EAP targets to be applied depending on the location of the measured entity.  The selection for which EAP target will be applied is now controlled through the selection made in the Company Userform.  We have also included "National" in the dropdown.


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