Version 3.5 Update

  1. Update to Revised Codes Scorecard
  • EAP calculation for Management Control and Skills Development

We are pleased to advise you that our calculations for applying EAP targets in MC and SD are correct, as stipulated in the latest Dti publication. A big thanks to all our clients who worked with us to establish this!   The only change which is required is the application of this formula to the disabled indicators.  The initial draft codes were quite ambiguous on the application on the formula and suggested that it was also to be applied to the disabled indicators.  The recent publication has clarified the formula does not apply there, and has therefore been removed in the BEE Trax calculations as well.

  • Additional Empowering Supplier Optional Requirement:

The tick-box in the Finance tab have been extended to include a new optional requirement.  Please note that you are still required to mark off mandatory (x3) and optional (x3 for GEN and x1 for QSE) requirements for achieving Empowering Status.  To use this tick-box, simply double-click on the cell.

  • Other Executive Management Indicator:

The scorecard indicators descriptions for Other Executive Management have been changed to include the wording “Other”.  This is not currently reflected in the Revised codes descriptions however as these indicators form part of the Other Executive Management sub element we have included the wording so as to clear up any confusion.

  • Inclusion of “DISCOUNTED” and Removal of “Enhanced Procurement Level”

We have included the wording “DISCOUNTED” to the contribution level, when the total level has been adjusted due to the subminimum requirements not being met.  This is in line with the definition stipulated in the revised codes.  We have also removed the Enhanced Procurement Level from the Scorecard summary, as this is not indicated in the Revised Codes.

  • Disabling Combinations for Management Control / Employment Equity:

The combination of Other Top Management with Senior Top Management and Middle Management with Junior Management does not apply to the Revised codes scorecards, and has therefore been disabled in BEE Trax (for these scorecards only).

  • Unemployed Learner calculation

In v3.4 we changed this calculation to include all training programs following the changed wording in the Revised codes.  With the latest publication however, this extension to all learning programs has now been limited to only the QSE Scorecard and therefore the Generic scorecard has reverted back to including only unemployed people participating in B, C &/or D learnership programmes.

  1. Presentation of Net Equity on Scorecard tab

 Along with the changes to BEE Trax for the Revised Codes scorecard, we have also made some improvements to the display of an existing indicator.  The Net Equity Value indicator has created some confusion in the past in the way we have displayed this on the scorecard.  This was due to the fact that the result of Formula A/B was expressed as a percentage measured against a target to yield the resulting score.  The more correct way to display this indicator is shown below, no longer measured against a target (as this is already built into the Formula A/B calculation itself)


Now changed to:

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