Version 3.4 Update

  1. Update to Revised Codes Scorecard
  • Designated Group Supplier Status:

We have now included this status indicator on the summary table of the revised scorecard, which is calculated through the input of designated groups on the Ownership tab.


  • Empowering Supplier Status:

We have incorporated a tick-box in the Finance tab to mark off the mandatory (x3) and optional (x3 for GEN and x1 for QSE) requirements for Empowering Status.  To use this tick-box, simply double-click on the cell. This will then calculate the Empowering Supplier Status which will also reflect on the scorecard tab summary table.  Please remember to click the save button after you have made your tick selection.


  • Executive Management and Other Executive Management:

The revised scorecard no longer refers to Senior Top Management (STM) and Other Top Management (OTM).  We have therefore changed the wording within MC, EE and the calculation tab to reflect the new wording.  For scorecards already saved using STM and OTM, the system will automatically convert this wording to Executive Management and Other Executive Management when you load them.

Executive Management

  • New condition for Employment Equity:

A further condition has been added to the conditions checkbox in EE (see below):

Employment Equity Conditions

  • Heading definition for ESD Recipient

The heading definition for ESD Recipient in PP has been corrected to include Black Owned QSE/EME.  Note that the 3 yr contract is still a requirement for this item.

ESD Recipient (Enterprise Supplier Development)

  • Unemployed Learner calculation to include all training programs (sub-indicator under the Skills Development element)

BEE Trax used to only include the number of unemployed people participating in B, C &/or D programmes. This was due to the fact that the original draft of the SD element in 2012 limited the headcount to include only those unemployed people participating in Learnerships, Apprenticeships and/or Internships.  The wording of this sub-indicator was subsequently altered in the final gazetted version of the Revised Codes to read as follows: “ Number of black unemployed people participating in training specified in the learning programme matrix as a percentage of number of employees”.  This has therefore opened up the scope of this indicator to include all other categories training programmes. We have therefore amended the calculation in line with this new definition.

Unemployed Learners Headcount

  1. Data Gathering Sheet v1.16 

 We have updated the Data Gathering Sheet to v1.16 in line with the changes mentioned above i.e. changed wording to Executive Management and Other Executive Management, ESD Recipient definition etc…

  • Included another data sheet to capture Imports.  Once the permissible foreign imports have been captured they will automatically pull through to the TMPS exclusion on the Finance tab of the Data Gathering Sheet.

Note, the Import detail is not pulled into BEE Trax, only the TMPS exclusion is pulled through.

  1.  Inclusion of Revised Tourism Scorecard (Draft)

We have included a Draft version of the Revised Tourism codes which have recently been published.  Please provide us with feedback of any necessary changes when performing your validation checks.

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