Version 3.3 Update

  1. Status Bar: Information on loaded Scorecard

On loading a scorecard the Scorecard No, Points/ BEE Level and Sector will now be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen, below the sheet tabs.  This information will enable you to refer to the Scorecard No from any element you are working on without having to refer back to the Home screen.  Additionally, any changes made to an element immediately reflect in the points/ BEE Level … so you can now check the impact of the changes as you are making without having to refer back to the scorecard tab.


  1. Additional Fields added to the Company form

We have included 2 additional fields in the company user form, namely Postal Address and Cell No, as shown below:


  1.  Inclusion of “Unskilled/ Semi-Skilled” occupational level into EE Tab

You may make use of “Unskilled” and “Semi-Skilled” in the occupational level dropdown for Employment Equity.  Both are considered as “Other” in the BEE Trax calculations.


4.  Inclusion of “White” Race definition

You may make use of “White” in the race dropdowns across the elements, which is handled the same as “Non Black” in the BEE Trax calculations.


    5.   Data Gathering Sheet v1.15  (Additional Provisions for Revised Codes)

We have updated the Data Gathering Sheet to v1.15, which now includes a sector selection for the General Revised Codes (2013) as shown below.  Once selected, the various element sheets in the data gathering file will be formatted for the revised codes input.  for example Skills Development now includes Unemployed Learner and Absorbed Learner columns, and PP includes Empowering Supplier, Designated Groups and First Time Supplier.  The latter is also a new addition into BEE Trax, with the relevant enhancement factors built into the applied contributions column.


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